2nd Edition of ‘Star Quality Hospitality’ is Amazon’s hot new release and best seller

The long awaited updated 2nd Edition of ‘Star Quality Hospitality’ is Amazon’s hot new release and best seller. It became available to buy from Amazon in Kindle and Paperback from the 26th September 2023. It has been just under 10 years since ‘Star Quality Hospitality – The Key to a Successful Business’ was first published. The latest edition has been updated with a more global viewpoint and key industry trends focusing on issues around Sustainability and Health and Well being.

The essence of the book is the same with the signature model of a key being used to highlight your hospitality business. The book is split in to three parts. Part One examines The Business of Hospitality, part Two shows how Customers are your Lifeline, and part Three looks at how to Measure your Success to remain Profitable. With even more tips and guidance, there is also a set of resources that can be downloaded for free that accompany the book.

During the writing process the raw manuscript was reviewed by four top hospitality professionals: – Robert Richardson FIH MI, CEO for the Institute of Hospitality; Joanne Taylor-Stagg FIH MI, General Manager of The Athenaeum Hotel and Residences and Samantha Rieu FIH, Hotel Manager at The Beaumont. You can read their reviews on the front and back book covers. David Weston, Chairman of the UK Bed and Breakfast Association also wrote the Foreword for the book.

For the Amazon launch the Kindle version was available to purchase for 99p on the 26th and 27th September 2023. For those that purchased it on these dates, there is also the opportunity to claim a complimentary signed paperback copy:

  • Buy the Kindle for 99p on the launch dates.
  • Make a note of your Amazon order number.
  • Read and, if you like it, review the book on Amazon.
  • Email your Amazon order number and a link to/screenshot of your review to [email protected] by midnight on 11th October 2023

‘Star Quality Hospitality – The Key to a Successful Hospitality Business’ is just one of three Amazon best selling books that Monica has written. Her other books include ‘Star Quality Experience – The Hotelier’s Guide to Creating Memorable Guest Experiences’ and ‘Star Quality Talent – Inspiring Hospitality Careers’