A Star Quality Performance at Springboard’s Aladdin Pantomime

After months of preparation the last three nights revealed a Star Quality performance at Springboard’s Aladdin Pantomime. For some, Pantomime season is now over, although not for those of us working in hospitality. 44 hospitality professionals dedicated their spare time to star in the second of Springboard’s Charity Pantomimes. Looking for more fun and innovative ways of raising money for the charity, the Springboard Pantomime was the brainchild of Chris Penn (Steel Hotels). Last year they put on their version of ‘Springderella’ and this year it was the turn for ‘Aladdin’.

With the script being written by David Armitage, it was full of hospitality puns and innuendos that you would expect from a hospitality pantomine. The Director Hannah Sands and Choreographer Ellie Coote are both Oxford graduates and the Producer was Springboard’s very own Geoff Roe. This year we hit the West End stage as it was performed at The Arts Theatre in London’s Theatreland.

Set in the ‘Arabian Nights Hotel’, Charlotte Horler (Red Carnation Hotels) played Mrs Imperial the Hotel Manager and her daughter Jasmine was played by Amy Stopher (Blanchette). Martin Dibben (Searcy’s) played the evil Deputy General Manager ‘Abanazar’. Aladdin, played by Liam Woods (Byron Burgers) was the son of Widow Twanky played by David Cowdrey (Calvary and Guards Club). The Spirit of the Ring was played by David Armitage and Chris Penn was the Genie in the Lamp.

Throughout the show the sponsors who partnered with Springboard got their mentions, which showed off the diversity of our industry. From recruitment companies, food and wine suppliers through to dish washing and pest control contractors. Naturally Springboard were able to shout out about the work they do too.

This year I made my West End debut as I joined the cast. To show off the hidden talents of the ‘Management Trainees’ at the ‘Arabian Nights Hotel’, there were three talent show acts. JJ Goodman (Craft Cocktail Co) showed off his bar flairing, Lydia Hammond (student) her gymnastic skills, and I performed a solo dance number showing off my Latin and Ballroom moves.

There were many song and dance numbers throughout and I also featured as one of the Genie Gems when Chris Penn was finally released from the lamp and it was ‘Genie Time’. What can I say it was ‘Magic, Magic, Magic’…



What’s next for Springboard’s Pantomimes?

Well there are rumours that next year it will be taken on tour… 😉