An Invitation to be a Guest…

As we welcome in the New Year this is the time that goals are set with great intentions to run and manage an ever more successful business. Although one thing that often gets overlooked is the all important question of where are we now? Once that has been established then we can see where improvements can be made in order to achieve our newly set targets and goals.

So how can we assess how our hotel is doing? Feedback is always important and many a hotelier will be collating and analysing data from this on a regular basis from our customers, staff and perhaps mystery auditors too to get a more objective viewpoint. This is all good practice – however as we all know the most important person in your hotel is your guest, so my question to you is – have you ever experienced in your own establishment your customer journey?

To find out more read my full article and top tips in Hotel Industry magazine.

At the end of the day would you want to stay at your own hotel? More importantly would you come back again?

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