Are you operating online or offline?

Have you ever taken the time to really think about your operation? Are you operating online of offline? What I mean by this is how connected are you really to your guests? Are you going about your day to day operations in a routine manner which means you have a disconnect with your guests, or are you really tuned in to their every need?

These days there is much talk about how technology connects us and how it can be used to create a seamless customer experience. Based on the White Paper I produced ‘AI Meets Human Hospitality’ it reveals that the hospitality industry has a lot of catching up to do with how technology can benefit our businesses. To read more on the this the White Paper is available to download.

From producing this White Paper I was invited to attend a round table discussion with the Institute of Hospitality and this was the featured article in their latest edition of HQ magazine entitled ‘AI and Robotics’ which also flagged up that security is another key issue that needs to be focused upon.

So how are you using technology in your business?

There are many ways to incorporate technology in to your business but sometimes it is key to get the basics right first. As our guests become more reliant on technology we need to have the resources available to connect with them not only at the start of their journey, but during their time with us and also after they leave us. Whether you are running a hotel or a restaurant I can show you how to incorporate this in to your operations with the online courses that I have developed in partnership with Upskill People.

‘Delivering a Star Quality Experience’ is the online course for hoteliers and for restaurateurs you can take the ‘Delivering a Star Quality Experience for Restaurants’ online course. Both courses are made up of 8 short modules which include video, downloadable worksheets and quizzes to check your knowledge and let you apply what you have learnt directly to your business.

To find out more about the options available to you then feel free to schedule a call.