Becoming a Hospitality Professional

The other week I was invited by LCCA to speak to a group of Hospitality students on the topic of ‘Becoming a Hospitality Professional’. LCCA – The London College of Contemporary Arts runs HNC and HND Hospitality Management courses.

When I met the students I started the workshop with a short quiz on the hospitality industry which they all enjoyed. I then spoke about my hospitality career stressing the importance of networking and delivering great customer service. By giving examples of how through networking I was able to build my own career, demonstrated to the students why this is so key for them to start doing this now. I explained to them what I now do as a Hospitality Consultant and gave them some general careers advice.

How was the ‘How to Become a Hospitality Professional’ workshop received?

I am often asked to run these type of workshops for students. The reason I do this is because I feel it is important to inspire and motivate our incoming talent. The feedback from the students below speaks for itself:

Andrew K. – “ Fantastic presentation; very good information about the hospitality industry. Keep the great work”

Mihaei Z. – “ My point of view:  Monica Or is a very experienced person, with a good capacity of making people to follow her steps for a successful career in hospitality. Myself, I was impressed with her CV, as she worked for top companies.”

Carmen – “ I enjoyed having her here, it was impressive”.

Anon comments:

“Monica’s seminar was inspiring and encouraging”

“It was fun. She was interesting and caught my attention. Full of energy. Showed an example on how to achieve your own goals”

“She is a very good inspiration”

“Very good experience and very encouraging. That tells us if we have a goal in life everything is possible”

“I liked her life journey; great to learn”

“From her life experience I can see that hard work pays and with determination you can achieve your goal”

“Hearing the guest speaker yesterday inspired me to want to continue on the path within hospitality”

“ I learned how important is networking in hospitality; and is important to look on customers’ feedback and do something about it before it’s too late”

“I really enjoyed the lecture, she gave us a few information which I find useful for my future career”

“Good experience for us”

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