Coaching and Training Online

I have just come across a fantastic tool to carry out interactive online training via Skilio. This platform allows you to run seminars and one to one sessions online which is ideal for when I am running my coaching sessions. The idea behind it is that it is a great way for you to learn a new skill and from a business perspective a great way to teach a new skill online – as they say “everyone has a skill to share”.

It is very easy to use and free to join, you need to set up an account and add your profile highlighting the skills you want to learn and the skills you are willing to share. You can run your sessions online for free. If you wish to charge then you will pay a commission to Skilio. If you are looking for a session then carry out a search and join the session which covers the skill that you want to learn.

I have set up a session for a taster on the WorldHost Customer Service course which will cover exercises from the WorldHost Principles of Customer Service as well as from the WorldHost Principles of Supervising Customer Service Performance, and have added a workbook for participants to use. You will get access to this once the session has started. For more details join Skilio and register your attendance.