Customer Service Excellence

Are your staff true GEMs and do they really know how to WOW your guests?

WOW board example from SoHostel

WOW board example from SoHostel

Customer Service Excellence is something that I work with my clients to achieve to assist them to go the extra mile with their guests. Our first impressions are made within 3-5 seconds of seeing something to which we will form an association and from this build an experience. Most people think that the first impression about your hotel is formed when your guest meets your receptionist when they check in with you. For your guest though, their first impression is actually formed before they set foot in your property. The first thing that they will see about your property is more than likely your website. Their experience of your website can be the determining factor as to whether or not they end up booking with you.

When you guest does arrives at your hotel, the exterior will also paint them a picture which will set their expectations. It is only once they are inside your building that they will have their first human interaction. Once you have your guest with you, that’s when it will be down to your staff to create lasting memories. This can be done through the little touches, the attention to detail and being very aware of your guests needs. The best service professionals can almost mind read their guests and know what it is they want before their guests realise it themselves.

To assist my clients take their guests on these journeys that will create memorable experiences I train their teams in the WorldHost Customer Service programme which is made up of a suite of different courses. These courses are accredited and individuals have to pass to obtain their certificate. Organisations can also become WorldHost Recognised Businesses which shows their commitment to Customer Service Excellence.

SoHostel - A WorldHost Recognised Business

SoHostel – A WorldHost Recognised Business

One of my clients SoHostel, has recently received the WorldHost Business Recognition Award and they have their plaque proudly displayed in their reception. Their staff are true ‘GEMS’ as they ‘Go the Extra Mile’ and ‘WOW’ their guests as they display ‘Winning attitudes that Optimise Wonderful experiences’.

If you want to find out how your business can receive the WorldHost Business Recognition Award, then schedule a call. Book your staff on our next WorldHost Customer Service course and gain the recognition your business deserves.