Delivering a Star Quality Experience Online Course

You have read the book, you have got our Starlight Teddy bear, who is wearing our T-Shirt! Well now it’s time to launch the Delivering a Star Quality Experience online course.

The ‘Star Quality Experience – Hotelier’s Guide to Creating Memorable Guest Journeys’ is an Amazon Best Seller written by our founder Monica Or. Inside this book she reveals her ‘7Rs to Creating Memorable Guest Journeys’ model and she has now developed the Delivering a Star Quality Experience online course. An interactive online course which takes you through the model. With video content, downloadable worksheets to complete and quizzes to check your knowledge, this course is made up of a series of 8 mini courses that you can apply to your hotel.

The videos have been narrated by Monica herself, so it feels like she is teaching you 1:1. The videos also have subtitles, so you can watch them whilst you are on the go on any mobile device. Track your progress as you complete each of the courses. Once you have finished the training you will also be able to download your certificate.

What are our clients saying about this?

Having successfully piloted this course, our clients are thrilled to be using this course with their front line staff. Watch the video below to find out what they are saying:

Used in conjunction with the consultancy and training that Monica carries out, this course can be used as a pre-course or post-course refresher to keep your staff up to date, so they can keep delivering memorable guest experiences.

Although that’s not all. Having listened to the feedback given, this course is also being adapted specifically for Restaurants, so your Food and Beverage Team can also use the model. This is soon to be released.

For more details about the online training that can be provided for your staff schedule a call.