E-Learning Partnerships with Upskill People and Umbrella Training

The Institute of Hospitality run regular webinars for their members to take part in which contributes to their continuing professional development. The latest webinar was run by Pete Fullard who is the Managing Director for Upskill People and he spoke about ‘Truly changing behaviour with e-learning’. During the questions at the end he explained how Star Quality Hospitality has formed e-learning partnerships with Upskill People and Umbrella Training.

Below is a short excerpt from the webinar where Pete answers a question on the new Apprenticeship standards and how e-learning is supporting this. He talks about the e-learning partnerships with Upskill People and Umbrella Training:

With the new Apprenticeship standards one of the stipulations is that 20% of the training has to be off-the-job. This is where e-learning comes in to play.

How were these partnerships formed?

Upskill People specialise in e-learning training for the hospitality and retail industries. They have developed over 100 courses for our industry and have a whole catalogue of e-learning training. They provide the platform for courses to be developed, delivered, assessed and managed.

Umbrella Training is an Elite Hospitality Apprenticeship Provider. Working together with hospitality employers they provide apprenticeships for the hospitality industry. Working with Upskill People they mapped across the hospitality standards and worked out where there were gaps in e-learning provision.

Umbrella Training asked me to work with them to develop and build the e-learning courses. Upskill People’s e-learning platform was used to do this. The courses that have been developed are now live and are part of Upskill People’s library. In their course catalogue they can be found under the section for Umbrella Training.

The Institute of Hospitality are the international hospitality professional membership body for managers and aspiring managers who work and study in the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries. The webinars they run are provided free for their members.