Fire devastates The Kitchen SE12

Last night as I returned from London I was greeted with this sight:

The Kitchen SE12

The Kitchen SE12


The Kitchen SE12 had only just celebrated it’s 2nd birthday having opened on 26th July 2012. It has been doing a roaring trade and is a hit with the locals. So when I approached it last night to be greeted with fire engines and a team of fire men I was gutted to see that this fantastic cafe has been badly damaged by what is thought to have been an electrical fault. I spoke to the owners last night who were outside and thankfully nobody was in the building at the time of the fire.

I went past it this morning and the extent of the damage is far greater when seen in the cold light of day and I can only wish them a speedy recovery and I look forward to when they do eventually reopen.

This did get me thinking though – how does a small business get over such a major incident?  I always talk to my clients about the importance of Fire and Health and Safety procedures, although you never dream that major incidents like this will ever be a reality.

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