Good Food Doing Good – The vulnerable helping the vulnerable

In these unprecedented times, life gets harder and harder for the hospitality industry. The only way to survive is to adapt and evolve. That is exactly what Simon Boyle has done – founder of The Brigade Bar and Kitchen and Beyond Food Foundation.

The Brigade Bar and Kitchen is a restaurant in Tooley Street, London Bridge that was set up by Simon Boyle to help vulnerable adults gain apprenticeships and employment in the hospitality industry. Simon trains up his apprentices at his restaurant and focuses on their well being and employability skills, and then gives them training in his kitchen and restaurant, helping them to get employment in the wider hospitality industry.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the restaurant has had to close its doors as they had no customers – this was before the Government announced official closure this evening.

To combat this and to keep his apprentices on Simon has now turned his restaurant in to a production kitchen. Using donated food from other restaurants that have closed he has been making large batches of nutritious soup to be delivered to other vulnerable adults and those in self isolation.

After seeing his plight on social media I called Simon to offer my assistance and spent the day driving around London so his apprentices could deliver this food free of charge to homeless shelters, veteran homes and to others in need.

Although for this great work to carry on Simon needs your help. Please donate to his crowdfunder appeal

You can read more about how he has been giving away thousands of meals in the Evening Standard.