Happy 1st Anniversary to the Edge Hotel School at Wivenhoe House

The Edge Hotel School was launched at Wivenhoe House a year ago and today I was invited to attend their Anniversary celebration in honour of this.



Wivenhoe House has teamed up with students from The Edge Hotel School to give them vocational practical experience as they work in the various departments within the hotel alongside their permanent staff. Throughout their time at the hotel the students combine theory and practice as they have blocks of practical experience in the hotel within the various departments and blocks of study time where they are assessed on their academic knowledge.

At today’s event some of the students showcased their experience and knowledge demonstrating some of the projects they are currently working on with the hotel or events they have attended. Students talked about projects involving the balance scorecard approach which I am sure most hospitality professionals are familiar with. Another student explained how he attended the Catey’s @ 30 Conference and wrote a short press article about that for Caterer and Hotelkeeper. Another student revealed the planning behind running a Michael Buble tribute event due to be held in January at the hotel. I was delighted to see the students for the 2014  Institute of Hospitality’s London Coaching Programme that were selected  from the Edge Hotel School were speaking about how, from attending the Institute of Hospitality Student Forum  in November they are now making plans to meet with their coaches ready for coaching to start in January 2014.



The students in the photo are Scott Mitten, Evie Wells and Luke Teeling and they have all been in contact with their coaches and are very excited about meeting them in the next few weeks. All three of these students started at The Edge Hotel School in July 2012 and were involved with the pre-opening of Wivenhoe House. They are due to graduate in July 2014.

As Chairman for the Institute of Hospitality London as well as founder for the Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy I am passionate about developing Aspiring Hospitality Managers and look forward to following these students and see where their future takes them.