Hotel GB – Day four

The big event for today was a surprise wedding where the guests thought they were coming for a birthday celebration so all the mentors were heavily focused on organising that.

Kim was back from being sick although it appears she got out of the wrong side of the bed, laying in to her two trainees Kerry and Patrick. Both of them asked for more responsibilities or at least some more variety in their jobs. Being very much behind the scenes they have not had much of a chance to interact with the guests. However Kim was having none of it and was very defiant in this – a great example of how to demoralise your staff!

On the other hand Mary was quick to bring Patrick on to Reception and move Tom to Housekeeping. This leaves Kerry in a position to do a job she was not entirely happy with having asked for more responsibility, and with this not being acknowledged, she  now has to work with Tom – who we saw from yesterdays events was not at all interested in cleaning bedrooms. He later proved this by doing a  disappearing act and spent most of his time in the staff room.

Meanwhile as Kirsty is focused on the surprise wedding, Rory is left on concierge to source a wedding banner and some confetti.  This task proved too much for her and the stress of being left on her own, with little guidance from her mentor showed as she had an emotional outburst. All she needed was praise, recognition and encouragement. Luckily Gok managed to turn the situation around otherwise that would have been their second walk out from the Front Office team. This could be an indication that the mentors on Front Office need to be more focused on their whole team.

The Food and Beverage team also had a slight shift, with Phil Spencer not around Will was given more responsibility as trainee Maitre D to look after the wedding. A challenge which he enjoyed. Once more the kitchen team did well under pressure catering for their first large event.

So tomorrow is the final day, and two lucky trainees will gain employment with Gordon and Mary. The most consistent out of them that we have seen, is still Gun in the kitchen and Emily on Reception. All will be revealed then, including which team raised the most money for charity.