Hotel GB – Day two

So tonight’s episode saw the introduction of Jimmy Carr as the Events Manager – running a doggy fashion show, and Kirsty Allsop with her bag of tricks taking up her position on Concierge.

David came on board as a new replacement trainee and was very appreciative of his second chance.

The main focus was on celebrity guest David Guest and his demands on the front of house staff. When he checked in there was an issue with his credit card, which Emily intercepted and handled very well saving the day once more with her charm and forward thinking, politely and swiftly escorting Mr Guest to his room. (Although the issue was never actually resolved – was it a problem with his card or a faulty credit card machine operator?)

Kirsty had her work cut out from Mr Guest too – with him wanting breast milk and special bed linen. Not being able to find it on Google, she reached out to her social network on twitter – and did get an offer of breast milk, although from the advice of Dr Christian Jessen she declined to give this to Mr Guest and instead made up some fake breast milk! Not sure about the ethics behind that one!

With regards to the trainees though – for me the ones that are shining through and showing potential are Gun in the kitchen – who has a great attitude in the kitchen and received some lovely guest compliments, and Emily on Reception, who has a wonderful manner about herself and is so polite with the guests.

A few of the trainees are still feeling the wrath of Gordon, including Phil Spencer, although despite this they are all showing their drive and determination to succeed.

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  1. Crispin Farbrother
    Crispin Farbrother says:

    I agree with the comments and positive sentiment above. I had the pleasure of staying at the hotel last night, and even saw myself in the bar and restaurant. There is an awful lot going on that we are not seeing and I found the trainees to be delightful and positive young people. They all have a lot to learn and only giving them a week to be what Gordon claims to be one of Britain’s best hotels is certainly mission impossible. I shall carry on watching the trainees and one to watch who has not had much air time is Jessica.

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