Hotel GB – The Final Day

So on the final day during lunch service Gordon leaves his team to run the kitchen and restaurant – only to turn up as a customer. The waiting staff do not notice him at first, and then once he is seated he orders everything off the menu. A good test to see what his trainees have learnt. Phil’s chicken is cold and so is sent back, and on the second attempt the bread has not been toasted. Jason doesn’t fair too well either with his peas being bland as he forgot to season them and therefore spoilt the fish and chip dish. As for Gun – her burger was spot on. The message Gordon was relaying to his team was to “Give your best” at all times.

On Reception Emily’s management style was not going down too well with her team, and she learnt to manage your staff there is no need to be bossy. It was good to see Mary going round her team and getting their feedback on what they wanted to do after this experience and it was great to see that Kerry had a plan to open her own cleaning business having experienced the work in housekeeeping. Manisha has decided she would like to be a beautician.

The last service in the bar and restaurant was to be their busiest with tables being turned around – so this meant more manpower was needed. So Kerry was asked if she would be happy to help out in the bar – which was great for her as it gave her the opportunity she wanted or more variety and a chance to demonstrate her customer service skills. Gordon pulled Rory in to the restaurant to help out – probably not the best choice after her episode yesterday. Once again she was thrown in at the deep end having never worked in a restaurant environment before. As she said working in a restaurant is very different to eating in one. Good on her for giving it a go, although it did become too much for her. Gordon was obviously not best pleased when she walked off in the middle of service, although his management style was bound to clash with her character. Mary only heard about what happened when she witnesses Gordon laying in to Rory, so got Patrick and Emily to help out in the restaurant.

Once again the manager’s communication or lack of it have put the trainees under more pressure than was really necessary. Yesterday we saw Mary move Patrick to Reception and Tom in to Housekeeping – and I can see why she did it, although Kim was not happy as she had not been consulted. Then on the final day Gordon pulls Rory in to the restaurant without talking to Mary.

Anyway it all ends well for all the trainees as during the week there have been “secret employers” staying at the hotel and all of the trainees were offered employment opportunities. As to the overall winners -as I predicted Emily was offered retail work with Mary, and Gun offered to work with Gordon. With regards to the money raised for charity – Mary’s team took the most in takings and Gordon’s the most in tips – although this is not really surprising as in hospitality Rooms usually brings in the most revenue and F&B the most tips!