Hotelympia 10K

Every two years when the Hotelympia Exhibition is held it is launched with their Hotelympia 10K Race, which raises money for The Springboard Charity. This is the second time that I have taken part in this. Last time I completed the race in 1 hour 9 minutes and I was determined to beat this time this year. I have been training for the race since last September starting off with a 10 minute run and building up my distance and time.

The morning started with a warm up session which involved the usual running on the spot, star jumps, squats and lunges. It even started to rain as we were doing our warm up, although that was no excuse to stop exercising. Then after that it was time for the race to start. It was two 5K laps around Excel along the riverfront.

I officially completed my race in 1 hour 1 minute which knocked off 8 minutes from the last time I did this race. It is also a new Personal Best for me – so I was pleased with that time.

Hotelympia 10K April 2014 1 hr 1 min


Hotelympia 10K 2014-04-27 11.29.02

The fastest time was 33 minutes – will have to keep training hard if I ever want to the beat that time! For the next race in 2016 I will be aiming to complete in less than an hour – am going to have to run like the wind!