How to get a rewarding hospitality career

The world is your oyster if you are looking to work in the hospitality industry. A vast industry covering many sectors which means that you can transfer from one job to another very easily, enabling you to learn many skills a long the way. It is quick to progress and the opportunities available are endless.

Many people never get to see the hidden secrets this industry has to offer, so we need to keep shouting about them. That is one of the reasons I wrote my book ‘Star Quality Talent – Inspiring Hospitality Careers’  which shows you how to get a rewarding hospitality career. Split in to three sections it has inspirational careers stories, practical tips on how to develop your HOSPITALITY skills and guidance on the organisations that can help with your hospitality career regardless of what stage you are at.

It is an Amazon Best Seller, and Robert Richardson, CEO Institute of Hospitality, reviewed it when it first came out and says ‘Get this book in to schools‘. In my own little way that’s what I do when I do guest speaker visits to schools through Inspiring The Future. Last week I was invited to a school although was unable to attend in person, so I recorded a video for them to show.


There were several different employers invited to attend this event and the pupils were asked which speaker they found the most interesting. I was delighted to hear the feedback that said ‘I like the video of Monica Or as that industry interests me‘.

Earlier this week I heard from another lady that read my book and as a result of that has now secured herself a supervisory role in a private members club. She was unsure of her next career move and after reading my book contacted Springboard, who mentored her, helped her with her CV and within a few weeks she found a new job. She sent me an email to thank me and said ‘Star Quality Talent has given me excellent guidance and I appreciate it.’ She has also reviewed the book on Amazon.

So let’s keep shouting about how great our industry is. Tell people about my book, share this blog, buy the book and give it a friend who is looking for a rewarding career.