How to improve your Hospitality Business

As a Hospitality Consultant I love to get out and about meeting new people, and checking out different venues, particularly hotels and restaurants as they are my speciality. I love helping businesses to be the best at what they do, because these days being good is not good enough. So to find out what a hospitality consultant can do for you and how to improve your hospitality business read on…

One of my clients that I work with is a trendy hostel in Soho. Their manager was interviewed and explains why I was brought in. You can watch the video here:

An outline of what will happen when working with your consultant:

  • We will sit down together and discuss what you would like to improve in your business
  • Be prepared to share information about your property that will assist your consultant to work with you – At Star Quality Hospitality we like to call this a discovery session which we offer complimentary to all our potential clients
  • Let your consultant give you an honest assessment of where you currently are – this will involve an overnight stay at your property and / or a meal in your restaurant
  • You will then be given a full report with recommendations – this may be all that you need for your property, although we find most people aren’t ready to say good bye just yet
  • After discussions with yourself we like to help you to implement these recommendations
  • This will involve working alongside your team and being in the business with you
  • It may also involve training your team in new procedures, systems and soft skills such as Customer Service
  • Once the recommendations have been implemented we then like to measure our work
  • You may want to implement a Mystery Shopper programme to ensure you stay on track
  • Our results will show in positive Trip Advisor reviews, committed staff, higher occupancy with repeat customers and even the odd award for your business…

So if you want to improve your hospitality business then schedule a call and ask for your complimentary discovery session.