Inspiring the Future with Ambition Talks

Through the Inspiring the Future initiative I was invited to Forster Park Primary School to deliver an Ambition Talk to their pupils. Their ‘I am #inspiringthefuture’ campaign brings together teachers with employers.

The Ambition talks I gave were about careers in the hospitality industry and I spoke to 5 classes in total of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils, moving from one classroom to another.

After explaining about the industry and what the word ‘hospitality’ means we had a short pop quiz which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We then looked at some of the career stories of hospitality professionals that I interviewed for my book ‘Star Quality Talent’ and showed some of the career routes.

Some of the key organisations that were mentioned were Springboard and their National Waiters Day Race, the Gold Service Scholarship, Hospitality Action and the Institute of Hospitality giving an overview of how the industry offers training, advice and guidance all the way through your career regardless of what stage you are at and how success is celebrated throughout.

We then looked at the ‘HOSPITALITY’ skills needed to be successful in the industry. At the end of each of the talks one lucky pupil received my ‘Starlight’ bear for being attentive and displaying excellent behaviour.

The LORICA family referred to in the tweet above is used at the primary school to show the key attributes needed in life. Each letter stands for the name of a character that shows that attribute such as O= organised, R = resilience.

All in all an inspiring morning for teachers and pupils. Where does your ambition lie?