New brand of Care Home that delivers 5 Star Service

Today I attended the VIP launch of a new brand of care home that delivers 5 star service. Baycroft Care Homes and Senior Villages launched in Orpington. It has 75 rooms, residential lounges, restaurants on every floor, spa bath facilities, cinema, childrens play area, library, specialist dementia facilities, gym, treatment room and beauty salon.

The launch was attended by all throughout the care industry. The guests of honour at the opening were the Mayor of the London Borough of Bromley, Cllr Kathy Bance MBE and Journalist and TV presenter Jennie Bond.

How come this care home delivers 5 star service?

This care home is very different from the typical ‘old people’s home’. It’s interiors are luxurious as are the high tech specification of the nursing assistance given through use of beacon technology.

The home itself is decorated so it feels like a luxury hotel without losing the homely touches. All rooms are ensuite and the nursing assistance call buttons are discreet but easily accessible. The beds have sensors so carers are notified through their smartphones and ipads if assistance is needed. So bed wetting, epileptic fits or if residents have a fall for example. All care records are kept electronically and accessible by staff through their ipads.

On every floor there is a restaurant where residents are served their meals. The residents are waited on and their meals are prepared by a Michelin star chef. There is also a kitchenette where they can  help themselves if they want a snack at any time.

The home also has additional facilities to keep the residents entertained, particularly for those accustomed to the finer things in life. A spa bath is available should residents wish to have a bath rather than just showering in their room. The bath is tilted and lowered, the water fills up to a certain level, the door opened and the resident can climb in to the bath. Once the door is shut, the bath is then raised and the water level topped up if needed. The bath has sensory lights, a shower attachment, and an ipod can be plugged in too. All the controls are sensor based so there is no need to physically touch them keeping it extremely hygienic.

Other facilities the home has is a cinema complete with a fridge full of ice cream, cold drinks and a pop corn making machine. There is also a play area for any children that are visiting which includes a wall of lego, computer games and arcade machines. The idea of these rooms is so that whilst the parents are visiting, their children will not be bored and their parents can spend quality time with their loved ones. For those quiet times there is also a small library, and several seating areas inside and out.

What activities are available for the residents?

To keep the residents mobile there is a gym which uses hydraulic pressure rather than weights. It automatically runs a fitness programs that is tailored to the resident using it. There is also a treatment room for those that wish to have a facial or massage. A hair salon and nail bar for those all important manicures and pedicures.

The top floor is currently reserved for those residents that need dementia care. On this floor there are additional features such as reminiscent corners which have a selection of items from days gone by. Colour coding is used so residents can identify their rooms for example. One of the best features has to be their ‘magic table’ created by Tovertafel. This assists their residents with dementia to be stimulated to play with interactive light games, engaging them cognitively, physically and socially.

Every floor has a lounge where residents can socialise and activities are put on for them such as games, painting, gardening. For residents that want to go out and about they have their own chauffeur driven car to drop off and pick up.

Baycroft have plans to roll out this new brand throughout the country.