Officially a Guinness World Record Breaker

A year ago to this day the Guinness World Record title for “The Most People Attending a Business Speed Networking Event” was set in Australia with 475 people making 20 connections.

On the 17th October 2014 an attempt was made to break that record title and brought to the UK by the Key Person of Influence Team. I was honoured to have been involved with the organisation and running of this record breaking day.

Guinness World Record

Held at The Mermaid Theatre, in Blackfriars, each person had to meet another 22 people in order for us to break this record. We were expecting the room to be filled with over 500 people. With Mark (pictured above) being our official Guinness World Record adjudicator, witnesses, timekeeper from the Olympics and a team of stewards and ushers, the record attempt began.

There was a very complex plan which had colour coded areas and rotation plots in place to ensure that each person would meet with 22 different people.

Later that afternoon, Mark made the announcement that we did not have the anticipated 500 people plus in the room, and there were a few people disqualified… however in total we had 487 people who made 22 connections.

We had broken the record and the title of “The Most People attending a Business Speed Networking Event” has now been brought to London!

A truly record breaking day for all involved.

Guiness World Record