Predictions for The Guest of 2020

It is this time of year that you see posts about hospitality predictions for 2017. That is all well and good although we really need to be looking further ahead as what can you really do in the next few weeks to make your 2017 a roaring success? Your plans for 2017 should have been made in 2016 at the very latest and your plans for 2018 and beyond should be made now.

So to open your eyes I would like to share with you the predictions of hoteliers that have been involved in research carried out by Revinate, SiteMinder and IDeas as to what the Guest of 2020 will be looking for.


This ties in nicely with what I write about in my book ‘Star Quality Experience – The Hotelier’s Guide to Creating Memorable Guest Journeys’. As with all things to stay ahead we have to continually evolve and innovate. To meet the higher expectations of our guests, to create unique experiences, and to recognise our guests we need to embrace technology.

According to Skift (2016)  ‘The Zebra 2016 Hospitality Vision Study echoes that expectation, both from the hoteliers’ and customers’ viewpoints. Seventy-four percent of guests surveyed said they appreciate hotels and resorts that customize messaging and offers and 66 percent of guests have a better overall experience when hotel associates use the latest technology. They don’t, however, want technology to necessarily replace actual humans when it comes to customer service.’

So Independents have the upper hand as it is easier for you to give the personalised, unique experiences that your guests crave for. If you are still unsure of how to do this then read my book to get an insight in to this and for more specific assistance with your hotel book a complimentary discovery session with me to find out how together we can create memorable guest experiences.