Redefine Hospitality Podcast – How to Improve Customer Experience

I was delighted to have been a guest on the Redefine Hospitality Podcast – How to Improve Customer Experience.

I was speaking with Alexander Novicov looking at how to improve the customer experience within hotels. We looked at strategies for hoteliers to do this, such as taking a proactive approach and researching their customers. From looking at the whole of the customer journey,  before the customer arrives, during their stay and after they leave, how they can adapt and tailor their services for the individual customer.

We talked about how to produce a customer centric culture of your hotel, from how you recruit and train your staff, to having a team that truly believe and understand what makes your hotel unique.  We share tips and stories on how to welcome guests and create emotional connections so you can create lasting memories for them.

We discussed how to manage customer expectations as hotels are now reopening as we ease out of lock down. Looked at the difference between social distancing and physical distancing with our guest and the role technology can play. Lastly, how businesses can adapt their features and services to operate with a reduced capacity due to current government guidelines, whilst still generating revenue.

You can listen to the full podcast on this link – Redefine Hospitality Podcast – How to Improve Customer Experience 

More top tips can be found in my book ‘Star Quality Experience – The Hotelier’s Guide to Creating Memorable Guest Experiences’