Star Quality Experience at The Grand

I have been working with Robert Richardson FIH, General Manager at The Grand in Folkestone who has been implementing my Star Quality Experience online course at his hotel. His award winning hotel is a Grade II listed building that is privately owned with strong links to the local community.

At The Grand, Robert has a diverse workforce with many nationalities and a range of talents. He explains how inclusivity in the workplace is not limited to age, ability, disability, gender, etc, it’s about making sure your workplace and industry is open to all including those lacking experience. He has worked with the Shaw Trust giving opportunities by opening his doors to those that may never have set foot in a hotel before.

Getting the right staff in place is just your starting point. From then on you need to ensure they understand the whole guest journey so they are able to delight and surprise your guests by going above and beyond to exceed their expectations. This is where my Star Quality Experience online training comes in to play. Having completed the course Robert tells us how he has implemented it in to his hotel:

The Star Quality Experience online course comprises of 8 modules and is based on the ‘7 R’s to Creating Memorable Guest Journeys’ model. It uses video, downloadable worksheets and summative assessment to check your understanding. To find out how you can implement this in to your hotel schedule a call.