Star Quality Talent has been entered for the Business Book Awards 2019

The Business Book Awards celebrate the work of authors who have shared their industry or market knowledge, experience and expertise in published book form. I am delighted to announce that my latest book ‘Star Quality Talent’ has been entered for the Business Book Awards 2019. This  is open to Business books that have been published from 1st January to 31st December 2018. ‘Star Quality Talent’ was published in August 2018.


The Book Categories

There are a total of 9 categories that a book can be entered into.

Start-up Inspiration – A book that will inspire new and budding entrepreneurs to get their business up and running or onto the next stage.

Sales & Marketing – A book with a compelling approach to sales and/or marketing in today’s business environment.

HR & Management – Books focused on improving people skills and/or innovative team management.

Embracing Change – A book that demonstrates how organisations can manage internal or external change to equip themselves for the future.

Leadership – A book that challenges or inspires leaders of organisations and teams to motivate and engage their people.

Self Development – The self-help books that give business people the self-knowledge and skills to become better at what they do.

Short Business Book – A small format or short-form business book that perfectly presents its subject with brevity and clarity.

Specialist Book 2019 – A book aimed at a niche readership or specific type or area of business.

International Business Book 2019 – A book that has influenced business globally.

The entries will be judged individually in line with the category specifications. ‘Star Quality Talent’ has been entered in to the ‘Specialist Book 2019’ category.  There are three Judges per category who will consider factors such as content, market, writing style and originality  as well as focusing on innovation and creativity.

From all the entries there are 5 shortlisted books which will be announced in January 2019 with the final winners being announced in March 2019.  From the shortlists of all the categories there will also be a winner for ‘An Exceptional Book by a Woman’ and an overall winner for ‘Best Business Book of the Year’.

Hoping my book is on the shortlist in January!