The Art of Personalisation

When working with my clients I cannot stress enough the importance of knowing the art of personalisation. In both my books ‘Star Quality Hospitality’ and ‘Star Quality Experience’ I look at the different ways that this can be done. The most important underlying concept is that the guest experience is tailored to the individual, as everyone is unique and will have very different service expectations.

Using Guest Profiles

Making use of guest profiles is one of the easiest ways to personalise a guest’s stay. Profile notes can be added to Property Management Systems and this needs to be communicated to all departments, via shift and team briefings.

Information for guest profiles can be obtained from a wide variety of sources including :

  • The internet – check out their LinkIn and Social Media profiles
  • Via pre arrival calls or emails to check the finer details for their stay
  • Through open ended questions when speaking with your guest
  • Through observation – your housekeeping staff can give you an abundance of information just by seeing how they leave their room – have they changed the temperature in the room, do they use the toiletries given, what side of the bed do they sleep on…

In order to get this information you need to be aware and communicate it out to all. You will then be able to use this information so you are almost able to mind read your guest and know what they need before they even realise it.

What was the last thing you did to really personalise a guest’s stay and make it extra special for them?