The Hospitality Undergraduate Mentoring Scheme HUMS

I was recently invited to attend The Hospitality Undergraduate Mentoring Scheme HUMS which is run by The Springboard Charity.  The scheme was originally established in 2009 and was previously known as The Savoy Society Mentoring Scheme. It was the brainchild of Stuart Johnson and it supports students at selected UK universities when entering the hospitality industry.

The scheme is based on a three year commitment for both mentor and mentee. This ensures that a strong relationship is built between the two parties. The mentee is supported through their university studies and their initial steps in to working in the hospitality industry by their mentor.  There is a strict criteria of what is required of a mentor. For the mentee they can register their interest in the scheme by completing an online form. There are a variety of questions they need to answer to guage their commitment to the industry and their future career interests.

How are the Mentors and Mentees matched?

Springboard run a ‘matching day’ where mentors have a half day training session on what is required of them. At the same time the university students have a separate training session to understand how a mentoring relationship works. After a networking lunch, both parties are brought together through an interview process where mentors will interview prospective mentee candidates.

After this process the mentors discuss the various candidates they interviewed and select the prospective candidates they would be interested in mentoring. Springboard then collate this information and from the feedback received will match mentors with mentees.

I am delighted to say that having attending their recent matching day. I have now been informed of who I will be mentoring for the next three years. Having worked all my life in hospitality this is just another way for me to give back and develop the young talent joining our great industry.