The New Normal for Hotels Post Covid Lockdown

Having been confined to our homes since March 2020, the lockdown is gradually being eased with more businesses being given the green light to re open. So I thought is was about time I ventured out to experience for myself the new normal for hotels post Covid lockdown. Where better to visit than the Cave Hotel and Golf Resort in Kent.

Now this is not just a random hotel I chose to visit. There were two reasons:

  1. I saw a BBC news clip which showed the precautions this hotel was making to ensure guests would be safe
  2. Co-incidentally I know the General Manager, Robert Richardson who is a client of mine, having worked with him at his previous hotel.

The hotel was originally opened approximately a year ago and is situated on the grounds of  the Boughton Golf Club. It has been described as the next destination hotel in Kent.

Upon arrival at the hotel you need to be authenticated by looking in to a camera which will take your temperature. There is then hand sanitiser provided and a reminder that now it is mandatory to wear a face covering whilst in the building. All staff are wearing face masks and the reception desk has a clear perspex screen to protect the staff and customers. This does not detract from the cosy lobby area which awaits:

First a tour of the hotel which also has a gym, pool, sauna and steam room with allocated time slots that can be booked for those that wish to use this. Then on to the bedrooms, the best of which is of course the Penthouse with private balconies, a wrap around view of the golf course, home cinema, and private dining, just to name some of the amenities.

Who could not resist to be staying in a super king size bed.

Next it is lunch in the Fire Pit restaurant with a gorgeous array of wood smoked cuisine comprising of tasty sharing dishes including Voodoo Shrimp, Scallop Ceviche, Marinated Beef Fillet, Smoked Duck Breast, Spiced Cauliflower and Sticky Thai Fried Rice… they are the only ones I can vouch for. Will have to go back to try the other dishes!

Coming to a venue like this, for me it is all about the experience and a little memento will always remind you of where you have been, so my parting gift from Robert was quite apt and a real sign of the times we are in.

For my first trip out, I would call it a success. It was very relaxing, a real treat and it instilled me with confidence knowing the measures that are in place to keep customers safe. If all hospitality businesses work like this, our industry will be back in business in no time.  #supporthospitality #keepingcustomerssafe