The Twelve Days of Hospitality Christmas in aid of Hospitality Action

This year has been trying for all of us in hospitality and so to spread some festive cheer and to bring colleagues together Ioannis Pantelidis had the idea of singing The Twelve Days of Hospitality Christmas in aid of Hospitality Action. He put out a post on social media to see who would want to join him.

For 12 consecutive days hospitality colleagues met up on Zoom at 8.30am for half an hour to sing and connect together. It was an open invitation so very random as to who would show up and what would happen next…

By the end of the twelve days, we not only had lyrics, but dance moves and props too…

LyricsDance MovesProps
On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me:Heart shape with fingers
12 Sommeliers decantingPouring wineWine bottle
11 Receptionists smilingSmile and put hands by face in v shape
10 Concierge wavingWave one hand
9 Guests DancingShoulder shake forward and back
8 Maids helpingSpray with one hand and dust with the other handSpray bottle and duster
7 Waiters ServingLeft arm behind back, right hand sweeping motion across front to sidePlate
6 Chefs CookingHold mixing bowl in left arm, stir with right armMixing bowl and spoon
5 Event LinksUse both hands and index fingers pointing down(Event links flash up on video)
4 Takeawaysboth hands infront as if carrying something and move to rightTake Away box
3 Hostel staysHands closed pressed together in prayer by left hand ear and close eyes as if sleeping
2 Pub mealsHold knife and fork and cut foodKnife and fork
And a hotel break for threeUse both hand to draw the roof of the hotel, sides, and base and then show three fingers

You can watch the videos for each day here – enjoy!

Day 1 – Ideas were forming of how the 12 days would shape

Day 2 – Tears of laughter

Day 3 – The Musical version – where Ioannis tries to turn us into opera singers

Day 4 – Dance Like Nobody is Watching – where dance moves are introduced, choreographed by yours truly

Day 5 – Pranksters – I think you are frozen…

Day 6 – Guest appearances from our pets Benjy, Boris and Wolfie

Day 7 – Fun and games dressing up

Day 8 – The Chipmunk version

Day 9 – What shall we call the giant Panda? – Christmas and Hospitality Teddies

Day 10 – With instruments – not quite the heavy metal version Ioannis had in mind.

Day 11 – Kung Fu killed the clown – you had to be there for this one

Day 12 – Multicultural Hospitality

The Epilogue

We even made it in to the hospitality press and Boutique Hotelier shared an article about our fund raising efforts.

Not only did this campaign bring together our hospitality family, it also raised vital funds for Hospitality Action. To date we have raised £665 from our crazy antics!