Time for a few nibbles with a difference

As Christmas draws near I always like to look out for unusual gifts and am always interested in seeing what new suppliers have brought to market.

Today I was at a Christmas Pop Up shop in Great Portland Street run by Kitchen Table Projects. Here they showcase artisan producers in their cafe and run events for the public to try before you buy. I am always telling my clients that they need to regularly review their suppliers and find out what is out there that is unique and will bring something a little different to their offering.

I was delighted to meet Shami Radia, Co-Founder of Grub… the home of edible insects. Forget the “I am a Celebrity Bush Tucker Trials” these snacks are much more tasty and nutritious.

Grub Roasted Crickets

Grub Roasted Crickets come in a variety of flavours

A few facts:

  • Insects are a great source of protein, high in calcium, iron and essential fats.
  • Insect eating is known as entomophagy.
  • Mealworms, Crickets, Buffalo Worms, Grasshoppers are just a few of the tasty delights on offer which can be eaten straight out the bag as a snack from Grub.
  • Or if you prefer they can be used in recipes to add something unique to your cooking. Grub also provide recipe cards and will be launching their cook book in the new year – you heard it here first!
Chilli and Lime Roasted Crickets

Chilli and Lime Roasted Crickets

I would never recommend something that I have not tried myself and yes at first I was a little skeptical – although pleasantly surprised at how tasty these roasted crickets are. They literally taste like nuts. It is time for a few nibbles with a difference. I personally think they would be great as a bar snack. Imagine sitting at your favourite bar, with a refreshing glass of wine and a few roasted crickets to nibble on – a little more exotic than your pint of lager and a packet of crisps!

So if you want to do something a little different and offer your customers something a little out of the ordinary then give them a go – it is certainly a talking point, and a great way to break the ice. If you would be interested in contacting Shami directly, let me know and I will be happy to set up an introduction.