Top 10 Secrets to a Successful Hotel Business Revealed

A couple of weeks ago I was speaking at The Hotel and Catering Show in Bournemouth on the ‘Top 10 Secrets to a Successful Hotel Business’. If you missed it below is a quick run down to my Top 10 Secrets.

1 – Connect with the World Wide Web
2 – Know your numbers
3 – Be squeaky clean
4 – Be hospitable
5 – Set the table
6 – Put on a show
7 – Relate with your suppliers
8 – Invest in your staff
9 – Exceed your customer expectations
10 – Measure your success

The best kept secret is that the real key to a successful hospitality business is below:

Key Model From Book

You can watch a video of the presentation and the slides from my presentation are available on slideshare. If you need assistance in implementing this then contact me for a free discovery session and let me show you how to take your business further.