UpSkill People launch their Managing People Series

UpSkill People launch their Managing People Series at Shangri La at The Shard. As you enter, a wonderful breakfast is served on the 35th Floor of this iconic London venue. A great setting to network and chat with fabulous views across the river. After breakfast it is off to the ballroom to discover how to capture the attention of your e-learner. If you are wondering who UpSkill People are, they are an e-learning provider to the Hospitality and Retail industry.

What is the Managing People Series?

Managing People Launch

Pete Fullard launching the Managing People series

The Managing People series is a new e-learning course that Upskill People have developed. It has been built with the help of a whole team of consultants, script writers, animators, actors, videographers and many more. I am proud to have been one of the consultants working on this project.

Based in the ‘Rise and Shine Deli’ your e-learner will follow their new manager Charlotte as she gets to grips with working with her team and the challenges this new role brings. With a soap opera story line, the learner gets to know the characters and empathises with Charlotte as they learn what is involved in managing her team. The series is comprised of seven courses:

1 – Preparation

2- Well-being

3 – Recruitment

4 – Induction

5 – Coaching and Performance Management

6 – Appraisals

7 – Managing Talent

Throughout the learner is continually assessed as they step in to Charlotte’s shoes and make decisions of how to handle the different situations she encounters. The course has been very cleverly written which is especially relevant, as the same principles can be applied to managing people in any industry and in any country, even though it is based in a hospitality retail outlet.

I have worked with UpSkill People on several projects including writing and building the courses for Umbrella Training, which can be found in their on-line catalogue. Using their course builder platform I will also be launching my own e-learning courses with them shortly.