WorldHost 2020 prepares service professionals for front line duty beyond Covid 19

The hospitality industry has been through turmoil over the last few months due to Covid 19 with it being one of the hardest hit industries. With the Government announcing the closure of hotels, bars and restaurants, back in March 2020 this has collapsed many businesses. However we have patiently waited it out and gradually there is light at the end of the tunnel as the tentative date of the 4th July 2020 has been announced when we can reopen, albeit with some stipulations in place.

The two key factors that will change the way we operate will be the focus on hygiene and social distancing. So now is the time to prepare and put in place your re-opening plans.

According to The Montgomery Group Labs Consumer Perception surveys that have just been released 61% of  hotel respondents wanted to see that sanitation protocols were in place. From the restaurant survey Front of House cleanliness was a strong concern followed by social distancing. One respondent was quoted saying they wanted  ‘A commitment from the restaurant that training for all staff is updated re Covid 19 to include personal hygiene and safety.’

To help you get this in place People 1st International have just released their 60 minute e-learning training WorldHost 2020. The programme focuses on three key aspects; the working environment, peoples behavioural changes and health, safety and hygiene.

Empowering your staff to adapt the service you provide, it supports your customers ever changing needs and expectations, keeping people safe and driving consumer confidence in your business.

WorldHost 2020 is an engaging and interactive experience, looking through the eyes of multiple businesses to implement new ways of working. Easily accessible as e-learning, participants’ can quickly apply their newly acquired skills and knowledge, so your customers feel the benefits, fast.

WorldHost_2020 from Monica Or on Vimeo.

WorldHost 2020 prepares service professionals for front line duty beyond Covid 19

The key learning outcome is to drive positive behaviours in a rapidly changing customer facing environment that:

  • Support health and hygiene
  • Maintain a positive reputation
  • Increase customer confidence

The course covers:

  • Personal Protective Equipment in a customer facing role
  • Maintaining good personal hygiene
  • Behavioural expectations on public transport
  • Communicating key information and setting clear boundaries at arrival and entrance
  • Greeting customers, guests and visitors
  • Adapting the interior environment
  • Customer interaction
  • Taking payments
  • Maintaining facilities and a clean environment
  • The importance of being ‘fit for work’

The course is now available for a reduced price of just £5 +VAT per participant to make it accessible for all organisations. To register your team for this course contact us now so your business is ready to reopen with confidence.

Client testimonial:

‘I have just finished the WorldHost 2020 course, and I am pleased to say that was a worthy investment in myself and the way I perform my work in these challenging times. The course offers clear ideas and guidance on how to act in different situations, which can be a great inspiration on how to do things in your organisation. I think any business, small or large should this take this opportunity.’

Madalina Trepadus

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