WorldHost goes Mobile

When working in hospitality you have to ensure that your staff are able to deliver Customer Service Excellence and one way to help them to do that is to invest in their training. Regular readers will be aware that I train the whole suite of WorldHost Training courses which include the following:

Principles of Customer Service CourseService Across CulturesCustomer with DisabilitiesSales Powered by Service


However going on a training course is just the start of your team members learning journey, what is learnt has to be implemented and monitored. This is where the Principles of Supervising Customer Peformance comes in.  This course trains Supervisors in the skills needed to coach and monitor the progress of their team members. To also help embed the learning, WorldHost goes mobile as they have now released their long awaited M Learning

Who’s it for? WorldHost M-learning is for learners who have previously completed WorldHost Principles of Customer Service classroom training. It’s designed to refresh their knowledge – and make it stick!

How does it work? WorldHost M-learning keeps the WorldHost principles alive in the heart of every learner. Its 11 interactive lessons have been specifically designed to help refresh learners’ skills on an ongoing basis, with videos and quizzes that are delivered straight to their laptop, smartphone or tablet each month. A new lesson will be unlocked each month, and learners will receive an email letting them know that it’s ready to view.

To find out more about the WorldHost courses and M Learning, schedule a call.